In a world that is highly dominated by the sense of vision, I find it necessary to talk about the sense of touch. Touch is what engages me in the physical world; it anchors my body to the ground and brings me closer to what is not me. Through touch I am massaging the line between what is considered my inside world and what is considered my outside world. As I touch, I’m also being touched.  – Emilie Gregersen

touch is a choreographic piece by Emilie Gregersen. The piece is developed in collaboration with sound artist Karis Zidore and dramaturge/choreographic consultant Naya Moll. The work studies the perception of touch in a mutual influence and reflection between the digital and the physical world. Touch is being stretched on the scales of intimacy and distance, reality and fiction, human and human-like. In the collision between something deeply heartfelt and something extremely mechanical, an absurd and ironic drama arises, where human perceptions of touch are being distorted in a metallic and tech-sensual universe.

The piece touch is generated from an interest in the phenomena of touch – the tactile sense that allows us to be in relation. It arises as a phenomenological and poetic reflection of touch as a fundamental condition of being in the world. The performance offers a scenic contemplation of tactility and how touch plays a role in the way we engage with the world. – Naya Moll

Premiere – 26th of February 2020 at Bådteatret. Find tickets

touch calendar

26.02.20 – 28.02.20 touch – premiere at Bådteatret, Ubåden.
10.02.20 – 23.02.20 Residency at Inter Arts Center, Malmö.
05.01.20 Presentation and showing at 13festivalen, Konstepedemin, Gothenburg.
15.11.19 Work-in-progress showing at Inkonst, Malmö.
14.11.19 Workshop and sharing session at Danscentrum Syd, Malmö.
November 2019 Residency at Åben Scene, Godsbanen in collaboration with HAUT Scene. Work-in-progress showing on Friday 8th of November.
October 2019: Residency at O Rumo Do Fumo, Lisbon. Curated by Vera Mantero and Nuno Lucas.
September 2019: participation in Aabent Laboratorium program at Aaben Dans, curated by Haut Scene.
07.08.19 Work-in-progress showing at Tanzwerkstatt Europa as a part of ‘Who’s Next, Open Stage’ at Muffathalle, Munich.
February 2019 residency at Danscentrum Syd, Malmö.
TOUCHD_012DSCF4205 copy


Concept, choreography and dance: Emilie Gregersen
Sound artist: Karis Zidore
Dramaturge and choreographic consultant: Naya Moll
Light and tech: Elke Laleman
Costume: Emilie Gregersen in collaboration with Lærke Valum
Text writer, Companion text “the hand the eye”: Naya Moll
Administration: Projektcentret
Residency: O Rumo Do Fumo International Residency Program, Inter Arts Center and Haut Eksil at Åbne Scene.
Supported by : Statens Kunstfond, Bikuben Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, William Demant Fonden, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Tanzwerkstatt Europa “Who’s Next? – Open Stage” scholarship and Åbent Laboratorium at Aaben Dans.
A big thanks to Dennis True, Karin Bergman, Rebecka Berchtold and Lydia Östberg.
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