erosion (part 1) is a performance co-produced as part of the show Delusional Parasitosis by art group L9 (Cruz Proxy and Nanna K. Jensen) exhibited at Haimney gallery, Barcelona.

erosion is a caressing activation of the gallery space and the sculptures temporarily inhabiting it. In the piece you meet two performers moving subtly and synthetically through the gallery with fingers of metal and hearts of longing. Together they sketch plateaus of trust and nostalgia in a tech sensual glitch between reality and fiction.

erosion (part 2) TBA

Performed at Haimey in June 2020.

Concept, performance and sound: Emilie Gregersen and Cruz Proxy
Choreography: Emilie Gregersen 
Latex costumes: Nanna K. Jensen 
Nails: Elin Stampe
Photos: Albert Presas
Teaser: Cruz Proxy
Curation: Irene
Administration: Projectcentret
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation 

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