Emilie Gregersen (she/her – they/them) is a choreographer, dancer and artist based in Copenhagen. Currently performing and working on a trilogy, so far including the pieces Touch and Caresses, which both study touch from a phenomenological and choreographic perspective. In their practice, Emilie Gregersen, works at the intersection between practise-based choreography and hyper performance. Combining multiple choreographic layers speaking to different senses and planes of consciousness; both the logic that wants to find concept and meaning, as well as the bodily and aesthetic experience that devotes itself into sensory navigation. She is co-founder of Dance Cooperative, an artist run house now organised by 16 performance artists, working along intersectional and feminist practices of sharing space together.

Coming up: 

25th – 26th of November 2022 at 3:e Våningen (SE) 
2nd – 3rd of May 2023 at Teater Momentum (DK) 

Something To Hold
March 2023 at ALICE cph (DK) 

June 2022: What We Do In The Glitch at HAUT / Teater Zeppelin (DK)