Emilie Gregersen is a choreographer and dancer educated at The School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. She works in a mesh between practise-based choreography and hyper performance. She is currently performing the solo piece, touch which premiered at Bådteatret in February 2020. At the very moment they are working on the piece Caresses which premieres at CC in October 2021 as a part of Dansehallerne’s autumn program. Emilie Gregersen is also a co-founder of Dance Cooperative located in Valby, Copenhagen. 

Coming up 
January 2021 touch Det Frie Felts Festival  
11.05.21 – 12.05.21 touch at Teater Momentum
19.03.21 – 20.03.21 touch at  3:e Våningen 
07.10.21 – 09.10.21 Caresses at Copenhagen Contemporary x Dansehallerne