Emilie Gregersen is a choreographer and dancer, graduated in 2017 from the Danish School of Performing Arts. Currently performing the solo Touch besides working on her coming piece Caresses, both of which are part of her performance trilogy, which studies perceptions of touch from a phenomenological and choreographic perspective. Emilie Gregersen is also a co-founder of Dance Cooperative, an artist run house located in Valby, Copenhagen.

In her choreographic practice, Emilie Gregersen, works at the intersection between practise-based choreography and hyper performance. She plays with multiple choreographic layers speaking to different senses and planes of consciousness; both the logic that wants to find concepts and meaning, as well as the bodily and aesthetic experience that devotes itself into sensory navigation. In her current pieces she works with a high scale of performativity, where everything from gaze to gesture is performed with a subtlety that aims to create a hypersensitivity in both performer and viewer. 

Coming up 
19.03.21 – 20.03.21 touch   3:e Våningen 
11.05.21 – 12.05.21 touch  – Teater Momentum
07.10.21 – 09.10.21 Caresses  – Copenhagen Contemporary x Dansehallerne