Emilie Gregersen (she/her – they/them) is a choreographer, dancer and artist based in Copenhagen and Berlin. Currently working on a performance trilogy based on concepts of touch, consisting of the piece Caresses (2021), the solo touch (2020) and an upcoming group piece which will premiere in Spring 2024.

Emilie Gregersen’s work challenges binary perceptions of both the visible and the felt by heightening and twisting images and sensorial experiences. Through her choreographic work she plays with the uncanny, the erotic, the intimate and the unreal. She often works with a high volume of performativity where everything from gaze to gesture is performed with a subtlety, aiming to create a hypersensitivity in both performer and viewer. 

Emilie Gregersen is co-founder of Dance Cooperative, an artist run house focusing on intersectional and feminist practices, currently organised by 16 performance artists in Valby, Copenhagen. 

Coming up:
by Emilie Gregersen
25th – 26th of November 2022 at 3:e Våningen (SE) 

Caresses (2021)

Touch (2020)