Emilie Gregersen & Lydia Östberg Diakité.


VERY IMPORTING is a performance work unfolding the notion of sensuality in close proximity to body, sound and text. Dissolving and renewing ideas of sensuality and femininity. Questioning how to deal with sensuality as a threshold between private and public. Dealing with objectification, history within body, body within history and agency of dance and the dancer. 

VERY IMPORTING was initially developed at SKOGEN in Göteborg during a three week residency in April 2017, and was further worked on at The Danish School of Performing Arts as a part of our graduation work. We have latest been working with the concepts through the project “WE ARE DANCERS” which is a performance work we did in collaboration with FANCLUB (DK/SE/NO), DD Dorvillier (US/FR) and Paula Caspâo (P/FR) in October 2017.

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April 28, 2018 – Residency showing at Tale Dance Center, Zagreb.
September 26, 2017  –  Tværæstetisk Samtale at Pablo Llambías
May 11, 13 and 14, 2017  –  The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen
June 3, 2017  –  Haut, Sort/Hvid, Copenhagen 


April 2018  –  Life Long Burning residency at Tala Dance Center, Zagreb
April 2017  –  SKOGEN, Gothenburg

Mentors: Sara Gebran and Andreas Liebmann 
Production: The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Cinematography: Palle Schultz
Support: Linnea Rutz and Rebecka Berchtold 



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