Caresses is a choreographic work by Emilie Gregersen. The piece is the second part in her performance series that studies perceptions of touch from a phenomenological and choreographic perspective. Caresses is developed in collaboration with dancer, Paolo De Venecia Gile, sound artist Karis Zidore, dramaturge Naya Moll, and scenographer and visual artist, Elin Stampe.

Caresses is a duet that delves into a sensuous relationship between two bodies navigating through touch as they unfold its influences both on a sensory and emotional level. The act of caressing is being amplified and stretched on scales of attraction and repulsion, intimacy and distance, casual gesture and heightened bodily experience.

Premiere coming up in October 2021 at Copenhagen Contemporary.
The piece is co-produced with Dansehallerne.

January 2021 Residency, Inter Arts Center, Malmö
June 2021 Residency, The Nordic Residency Exchange Programme, Reykjavik Dance Festival
October 2021 Premiere at Copenhagen Contemporary

Photography by Cruz Cruz

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